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Dorsey 16H Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

This ultra precision optical comparator utilizes an integrated zero backlash, high resolution scale and a free state, normalized zero stress stage. These features allow 16H optical comparator to attain inherent accuracy and repeatability values as high as .00001" without electronic compensation. This extremely accurate and versatile measurement instrument features our proven cast iron “ultra precision” stage system. Integrated fiber optic surface illumination, and an electronic rotary screen protractor combine to make this the most accurate and versatile horizontal benchtop optical comparator available at any price.

Dorsey 16VS Vertical Beam Optical Comparator

With it’s dynamic head optical system this is the first of its kind manufactured in the USA. This new system allows a much greater stage capacity of up to 250 pounds, with optional measurement range up to 16" x 8", making it the largest capacity benchtop measuring instrument in the world.

Dorsey 24LD Vertical Beam Optical Comparator

The 24LD is a large screen comparator with a compact size and a competitive price. The 24LD has the largest travel in its class. The availability of standard and custom tooling makes this an extremely versatile machine capable of inspecting a wide variety of parts. Typical applications include inspection of electronic components, stampings, surgical equipment, molded and extruded parts as well as machined parts of all shapes. The 24" angled screen is also ideal for tracing magnified drawings on the screen and reverse engineering projects.

Dorsey 24P Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

The 24P was designed to be an all purpose inspection instrument capable of performing both light and heavy duty inspection tasks. Choose any workstage and lens system to customize this machine to match your requirements.

Dorsey 32P Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

The 32P was designed with crisp, clear telecentric optics and a precision solid cast iron workstage to be an instrument capable of handling almost any inspection requirement. This welded steel fabrication assures years of accurate, trouble free service.

Dorsey 32SS Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

The 32SS allows full access for the operator directly in front of the 32" diameter glass screen.