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Dorsey Adjustable Limit Snap Gages

Adjustable limit snap gages are an economical choice for the go/no go measurement of outside diameters or thicknesses. They are also known as AGD snap gages. Frames are machines from stabilized cast iron and are manufactured to ANSI B47-1-1988.

Dorsey BC Universal ID/OD Bench Comparator

ADJUSTABLE INSIDE / OUTSIDE DIAMETER FIXTURES This comparator offers 2 or 3 point measurements for both ID and OD on one benchtop plate. Features include two or three point measurement, linear ball bushing movement and a wide range of adjustment. The fixture can be positioned at any angle from horizontal to vertical to duplicate the machining process angle eliminating deflection and deformation variation as potential sources of error. Hardened steel work surfaces insures years of accurate trouble free use.

Dorsey LDA Series

Dorsey’s most popular series of ID/OD gage uses rigid steel tubing, cast end blocks, and a precision right angle transfer mechanism similar to our bore gages which gives accurate and sensitive readings.

Dorsey LDAR Midget Reed Gage

This economical, heavy duty production gage features a rigid steel plate frame and our bullet proof reed spring gaging transfer. The LDAR mechanism is impervious to coolants, dirt, and contaminants and offers great repeatability.

Dorsey LDAR Series

LDAR gages feature a lightweight tubular steel frame with a reed pantograph movement. The pantograph movement utilizes parallel springs to transfer motion and is well suited to production applications as dust, dirt or coolant cannot harm or jam the mechanism.

Dorsey Model J2 Horizontal Jaw Gage

The model J2 jaw gage features Dorsey’s proven precision lapped chrome/steel bushing in a rigid cast iron frame. A series of interchangeable contacts, and adjustable two axis rest stage along with a micrometer tail stock combine to make the J2 jaw gage suitable for most high accuracy OD inspection tasks.