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Versitron® Rockwell Hardness Tester

The Versitron is a unique and exclusive hardness testing system which provides its users with the benefit of the top-loading and test surface referencing technology. Applying both the pre-load and full load in one test cycle makes it possible to perform a test in as little as 4 seconds!

Indentron® Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

Designed to Provide Exceptional Accuracy and Capability

MT91 Microhardness Traverse Testing System

The Newage® MT91 System is an automatic microhardness testing system that uses the Rockwell method for the hardness result. The main advantages of the MT91 Series are its very fast test cycle coupled with its incredible test accuracy.

B.O.S.S.® Brinell Optical Scanning System

The leading automatic Brinell Microscope, Models OS-100, OS-300

NB3010 Bench Brinell Tester

A low-cost deadweight Brinell tester meets a wide range of applications -from occasional lab testing to high volume testing in a foundry environment.

HiLight (TM) Brinell Microscope Model 5620-05

Unique 20X Scopes with built-in LED Lighting.