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D100 Gage Controller

The D100 Controller achieves both its power and its compact size through the inventive application of advanced DSP technology. At the same time it retains the operator-preferred analog meter for visual monitoring of stock-removal rate and cycle disturbances.

D500 Gage Controller

The D500 Gage Controller advances the art of process control. Whether your requirement is multi-feature, automatic-changeover grinder control or complex inspection-with-feedback, the D500 can be configured to meet your needs.

Model 88 Thru-Spindle Gage

The Model 88 Thru-Spindle Gage measures plunge ground workpiece ID’s. The Model 88 gage is mounted inside the workhead spindle, allowing easy access for workpiece load/unload. The gage features Control Gaging’s patented slip-clutch mechanism to cut gage setup time to less than 60 seconds. Quick setup also minimizes costly part changeover cost.

TF1/TF2 Thrufeed Centerless Gages

The TF1 and TF2 are general purpose gage fixtures that adapt to almost any thrufeed centerless grinder. The gage fixture mounts to the exit workrest of the grinder and feeds part measurement data to a high-resolution gage controller for real-time process analysis and grinder control.

TFN Precision Gage Fixture For Thrufeed Grinding

The TFN is a high accuracy dynamic gage fixture designed to measure parts at the small end of the thrufeed grinding range. The design appears simple, but the geometry has been diligently refined to assure precise measurement of parts as they flow off the workrest blade.

WG1 Single Finger Gage

In keeping with the tradition of innovation, Control Gaging is pleased to announce the introduction of the WG1 Gage. Machined from stainless steel and assembled to the highest standards, the WG1 Gage provides precise measurement under the most demanding conditions. A single WG1 can be used as a locator, a height gage or any other application requiring one contact point. Two WG1 Gages can be combined to measure internal or external diameters.