Model 88 Thru-Spindle Gage

The Model 88 Thru-Spindle Gage measures plunge ground workpiece ID’s. The Model 88 gage is mounted inside the workhead spindle, allowing easy access for workpiece load/unload. The gage features Control Gaging’s patented slip-clutch mechanism to cut gage setup time to less than 60 seconds. Quick setup also minimizes costly part changeover cost.
Manufacturer: Control Gaging, Inc.

The Model 88 measures workpiece inner diameter as the part is ground. The gage signals are processed by a gaging monitor and relay outputs are sent to the grinder based on realtime measurement of workpiece size. The relay outputs are used to control wheelslide infeed for improved part size and finish consistency. Improved size control translates into improved gr inder productivity and reduced direct labor.

The gage consists of a housing with two exterior gaging fingers attached to shaf ts extending from the inside of the housing. Tension arms inside the housing are attached to the shafts with soft metal clutches. Gaging finger movement is transmitted through the shafts to the interior tension arms.

The shafts are mounted on pre-lubricated ball bearings, and are double sealed where they pass through the case. All parts inside the gage, except the clutch, are either stainless steel or aluminum to minimNize corrosion due to condensation.

The gage includes three finger retraction settings with a fine adjustment feature.


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