Edmunds Gages

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Edmunds Accu-Touch

Edmunds Accu-Touchâ„¢ Dimensional Measurement Amplifier Leave it to Edmunds Gages to develop the most easy to use, expandable dimensional measurement amplifier for your production and lab requirements.

Edmunds Air Plug Gages

Edmunds Air Plug Gages are designed for use with back-pressure bleed, back-pressure, flow and differential air gaging systems.

Edmunds Air Rings

Edmunds Air Ring Gages Edmunds Air Ring gages for back-pressure bleed, back-pressure, flow and differential systems have inner rings - the gaging surface - manufactured of hardened steel, chrome plate or carbide.

Edmunds Air Snap Gages

Edmunds Air Snap tooling is custom designed for difficult to reach or between centers diameter measurements.

Edmunds Cylindrical Gages

Precision Plugs, Rings and Master Discs

Edmunds EPIC-ADAMM Touch

Edmunds Gages introduces EPIC-ADAMM Touch, a sophisticated dimensional measurement amplifier able to interpret, display, and store precise comparative dimensional measurements quickly at a "Touch" of the screen. Effective results increasing productivity, on the shop floor.