Diatest, USA

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Diatest BMD Indicating Bore Plug Gages

Self-centering high-precision indicating plug gauge allowing static and dynamic measuring Application in manufacturing of high-precision bores from Ø 2.98 mm to 270 mm/0.117" to 10.62" Measuring range: 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm depending on diameter and type

Diatest Split Ball Indicating Bore Plug Gages

Universal bore gauge for indicating bore gauging Modular design system with extensive range of accessories, enables gauging of most bores. Application range: Ø 0.47 mm to 41.3 mm/0.02" to 1.6" (in 3-point version up to 150 mm/5.9")

Diatest Taper Gages

Measuring surface and hardened steel taper Scale graduation of indicators: 0.01 mm Calibration at factory or via setting master Special designs on request