Hemco Chrome Cylindrical Ring Gages

Chrome Cylindrical Ring Gages/Master Ring Gages. Using Hemco's long wear life hard chrome process.
Manufacturer: Hemco Corp.

For over 65 years, the HEMCO Chrome Process has provided the same unyielding, unduplicated hardness, finish and quality for our customers. Do not be fooled by cheap imitators -- insist on HEMCO Chrome!

  • All gages are made to ANSI Std B47.1 and in accordance with ANSI B89 .1.6M.
  • Master-Bilateral: ± 1/2 tolerance.
    Go: - tolerance NotGo: + tolerance
  • NotGo rings are identified by a groove around the outside diameter.
  • HEMCO Chrome Process unconditionally guaranteed against chipping or peeling

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