7000 Series Production Brinell Hardness Tester

With automatic operation the 7000 Series Brinell Tester provides a lot of capability in a basic Brinell tester package. The tester uses a hydraulic load system delivered through a Belleville spring measurement system which accurately controls the load.
Manufacturer: Newage Testing

The Newage® 7000 Series production tester is ideal for high volume Brinell testing applications. The 7000 Series was developed to answer the demand for a high accuracy Brinell tester with a large capacity and long indenter stroke that is suitable for high volume production applications. The 7000 Series is a hydraulically-actuated system that employs a high accuracy load measurement system that complies with ASTM E-10. The load system is closed-loop to ensure precise application of the load with minimal concern for overloading. A hydraulic system ensures smooth load application. A footswitch controller simplifies and speeds the elevating and lowering procedures. The 7000 Series can be supplied with a dedicated single load or with a dual load capability. Dual load models are operated via a personal computer in order to specify the applied load required. Standard capacities are 10” with the elevating screw or 16” without an elevating screw. Larger capacities are optionally available. An 8” throat is ideal for larger specimens.

Time-at-load selections of 2-, 10- or 30-seconds can be selected.

Six models are available. Four models can be supplied with versions of our B.O.S.S. system with either a single or dual load. And the B.O.S.S. systems can be supplied as our Lab B.O.S.S. with software, optical scope and desktop computer or a version that uses a tablet-style computer offering the user mobility within a busy production environment. The B.O.S.S. system permits optical measurement on the computer including a digital result of the hardness value and impression diameter. The software can also convert your result to another scale, average results, and produce comprehensive SPC reports.

Features & Benefits

  • Precision Load Control for Consistent Results
    Precision closed-loop load control ensures loading to within +/-0.25%.
  • Increased Testing Efficiency
    Large capacity is ideal for large parts.
  • Economical to Operate and Maintain
    No proprietry components for the system hydraulics or electronics.

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