Pratt & Whitney Universal Supermicrometer®

The definitive bench micrometer, the Universal Supermicrometer®(USM), offers the advantage of being two instruments in one, by providing the ability to measure both internal and external parts, gages or standards. Additionally, as a high precision, direct-reading metrology instrument, it is equally capable of checking critical parts such as shafts, bores, O-rings, or just about any ID/OD part. The USM digital bench micrometer can serve as both the heart of your in-house gage calibration needs and a high accuracy part inspection system.

Universal Supermicrometer® measures:

- Length standards

- External threads

- Plugs & pins

- Plain ring gages

- Dial, digital and test indicators

- Internal threads (per TPI/Pitch)

- Tapered pipe threads

- Your Precision Part

Features & Benefits of the Universal Supermicrometer®:

  • Two models to choose from -
  • Multi-axis (Model 504: U307000) - Measurement table includes swivel, center, tilt and elevation adjustments.
  • Single-axis (Model 501: U307042) - Measurement table includes elevation adjustment.
  • Mechanical and Thermal Stability – A rugged cast iron base and thermally stable composite materials insure repeatable and reproducible results
  • Linear Encoder with Zero Abbe Offset – A high precision glass scale located along the measurement axis eliminates Abbe offset errors that reduce overall measurement uncertainty
  • "Variable Attitude" Measurement Table – Vertical table adjustment is provided on all instruments.  Multi-axis measurement table available on Model 504
  • Variable Force – Ranging from -8 to +40 ozf
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface – LCD touch screen computer can be positioned to accommodate each operator's needs
  • GageCal® control software – Microsoft Windows® based software reduces data entry, eliminates transcription errors, and speeds up measurements of your digital Super Micrometer. GageCal automatically enters tolerances for rings, plugs, pins, threads (calculates pitch/major diameter) and flags out-of-tolerance conditions.
  • Two Point Calibration – Mastering with two, NIST traceable blocks, allows continuous, accurate measurement over the full direct reading range.  This provides significantly higher levels of productivity when compared to single point comparators.
  • Flexible Fixturing – Pratt & Whitney's bid-directional probes (US Patent) and flat anvils are standard accessories.  The bid-directional probes allow for both internal and external measurement without time consuming set-up changes. V-groove fixturing provides repeatable probe positioning.
  • Auto Zero Mode - Allows measurements to be taken at great speed, increasing throughput, without compromising accuracy.
  • Part Temperature Compensation - A sensor is provide to monitor the temperature of the specimen
  • Dual Measurement - Switches between English and Metric units without recalibration

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Units English Metric
Accuracy 10 + 0.7 L Microinches (± 2 std dev) 0.25 + 0.7 L / 1000 Microns (± 2 std dev)
Repeatability 4 Microinches (± 2 std dev) 0.1 Microns (± 2 std dev)
Resolution 1 Microinch 0.025 Microns
Measurement Range Standard)
External(Bi-Directonal Probes):
External(Flat Probes):
Internal(Bi-Directional Probes):

0-11 inches
0 to 5 inches
1.0 to 11.5 inches

0 to 279 mm
0 to 27 mm
25 to 292 mm
Direct Reading Range 2 inches 50 mm
Measuring Force
2 to 40 ozf
2 to 8 ozf

57 to 1134 gf
57 to 226 gf