Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-1600

A new PC-Compliant Roundness and Cylindrical-Form Measuring Instrument with extensive analysis features to enable measurement of a wide variety of workpieces
Manufacturer: Mitutoyo Corp.

Powerful Analysis Performance in a Compact Form with High-level functions to promote greater efficiency 

Utilizes a wide measuring range in a compact form

  • Max. probing diameter: 11.03"(280mm)
  • Vertical travel: 11.82"(300mm)
  • Max. table loading: 55lb(25kg)

Incorporates flexible data analysis software ROUNDPAK 

  • Graphical measurement results displayed
  • Easy to operate thanks to a simplified measurement mode
  • Part Program Simulation
 Compact, but with top-end precision
  • Rotational accuracy (Radial): (0.02+6H/10000) μm
  • Rotational accuracy (Axial): (0.02+6X/10000) μm
  • Accuracy assurance: Z axis (Straightness, Parallelism),
  • X axis (Straightness, Squareness)


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