Mitutoyo Quick Vision Stream

Non-Stop CNC Vision Measuring System - Quick Vision Stream Series
Manufacturer: Mitutoyo Corp.

Stroboscopic illumination system and post image processing technology enable continuous vision measurement for a remarkable increase in measurement troughput.

  • CNC Controlled
  • Triangular pattern focusing for low-contrast surfaces
  • Programmable magnification changer 1X, 2X, and 6X
  • White LED transmitted stage light
  • LED coaxial light with variable color
  • Programmable 4-quadrant LED light ring with variable light color
  • High precision measurement lens system, 1X, 2.5X, 5X, 10X and 25X
  • High-resolution CCD black and white camera
  • Resolution: 0.1uM (0.0001mm)
  • "One-click tool" technology for optimum edge detection
  • User-friendly QVPAK Software¬†

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