Dorsey Chamfer Gages

Dorsey Chamfer and Countersink Gages, for both Internal and External Chamfers and Countersinks.
Manufacturer: Dorsey Metrology

Dorsey Chamfer and Countersink Gages

For both Internal and External Chamfers and Countersinks with 0-90° and 90-127° angles. Available range for ID countersinks up to 4.00"/100mm and up to 2.00"/50mm for external chamfers.

  • Hardened and ground steel plunger and rest plate.
  • Masters on any flat surface, no special master required.
  • The angle of the gage must be larger than the angle of the part to be inspected.
  • Measures the top diameter directly on the dial indicator or digital indicator.
  • 3 Blade contact insures accurate repeatable readings.
  •  .001”/0.02mm dial indicator, standard.
  • Inch or metric dial or digital indicators available.
  •  Optional ring gage setting masters are available.


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