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Edmunds EPIC-CAG Amplifier

Edmunds EPIC-CAG Gaging Amplifier

Edmunds Gages introduces EPIC-CAG, the newest generation of multi-dimensional computer aided gaging, featuring modular components to integrate the most complex gaging applications into the manufacturing process.

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210

The Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness measurement instrument designed as a handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site.


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Kestrel Elite Non-Contact Measuring Microscope
Kestrel Elite Non-Contact Measuring Microscope


Non-Contact Measuring Microscope

for precision measurement & inspection


2-axis non-contact measurement, ideal for measuring 2-D features of small intricate parts




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Non-Contact Measuring Microscope

for precision measurement & inspection


Kestrel Elite is a high accuracy, low investment system, designed to transform your measurement and inspection capabilities. From simple single feature operation, to more complex component part measurement, Kestrel Elite combines high resolution, high contrast images with intuitive microprocessors to deliver accuracy and simplicity for a wide range of measuring applications.


Small Footprint, Big Impact


Kestrel Elite is the perfect starting point to upgrade your measurement and inspection capabilities and improve your quality control routines. With space at a premium, Kestrel Elite doesn’t take up much room, yet can make a big difference to your production quality.

Simple, Rugged, Precise

Kestrel Elite’s robust, dynamically engineered design reduces stress points to optimize measurement accuracy. Rugged in construction, the unit has been designed to cope with the demands of a busy production environment and includes Vision Engineering’s proven

150mm x 100mm precision measuring stage.


The stage comes complete with factory set Non Linear Error Correction (NLEC) calibration to ensure optimum accuracy, traceable to international standards for the purposes of ISO9000.

Multiplane Measurements

Many users need to measure in X and Y axis, but at different heights. Kestrel Elite employs a high stability stand with a precision engineered bearing assembly to optimize X, Y measurements at different plane heights.

Patented Optical Imaging

Kestrel Elite is a true optical measuring microscope. Unprocessed, high resolution, true color images are viewed through the ergonomic eyepieceless viewing head in complete comfort. No uncomfortable microscope eyepieces!


Dual Optical and Video Measurement Variant


Two measurement systems in one! As a member of the same product family, Swift-Duo integrates both video and optical measurement capabilities into one system, so whatever component you are measuring, you can select the best measurement technology for the job.


  • Optical measurement for critical, or one off measurements, or difficult to view features
  • Video measurement for routine measurement of high contrast parts



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