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Edmunds EPIC-CAG Amplifier

Edmunds EPIC-CAG Gaging Amplifier

Edmunds Gages introduces EPIC-CAG, the newest generation of multi-dimensional computer aided gaging, featuring modular components to integrate the most complex gaging applications into the manufacturing process.

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210

The Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness measurement instrument designed as a handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site.


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Mantis Stereo Microscopes
Mantis Stereo Microscopes


Ergonomic Stereo Microscopes

Superior imaging for a wide range of inspection & rework tasks


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Improving operator ergonomics is not just about improving comfort


Ergonomic working position

An ergonomic body position makes the Mantis more comfortable, less fatiguing and, more importantly, much easier to use. Additionally, optimal operator ergonomics minimizes the risk of repetitive strain related injuries. A happy worker is a productive worker.


Freedom of Head movement

An additional benefit of Vision Engineering’s patented eyepiece less design is that

users do not need to align their eyes with eyepieces. This freedom of movement reduces associated neck and back strain associated with the fixed body position of conventional microscope eyepieces


A natural view of the subject

With conventional microscope eyepieces, operators must position their eyes very close to the eyepieces, blocking out ambient light. The intense light exiting the eyepieces causes the pupils to contract. Constant contraction and expansion of the pupils is the main cause of eye fatigue with microscopes. With the patented eyepieces of Mantis, users sit back from the viewer, allowing ambient light into the eyes. Additionally, the light exiting the ‘viewing lens’ is spread over a larger area, proving a more natural view of the subject.


Ability to wear glasses

With Mantis, operators do not need to remove their glasses (or safety glasses) to use the microscope.


Easy hand-eye coordination

Easy hand-eye coordination is possible with the Mantis – critical for rework, repair, dissection and other manipulation tasks. Sitting back from the viewer provides users with much better peripheral vision, so they can coordinate hands in a natural manner.



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